Begin the Buddhist Path

The historic Buddha, Shakyamuni.A gradual path of mind training and classic meditations is available for those who would like to enter the Buddhist path and can commit to a daily meditation practice. The path allows one to more fully engage the world while learning and practicing the tools that lead to sacred awareness.

The program engages the traditional Tibetan Buddhist method of study, contemplation and meditation of the Kagyu lineage unbroken since the Buddha’s first teachings. Beginning with entry level meditation training, the20130210012 student gains experience with resting the mind and then looking at the mind using shinay or calm-abiding meditation and lhaktong or insight meditation.One learns to recognize and rest in the mind’s true nature of spaciousness and clarity.

Upon taking refuge, students begin ngondrö or the preliminary practices. Beginning with contemplation on the Four Th20130210007oughts that Turn the Mind, then moving on to the Four Extraordinary Foundations of Refuge and Engendering Bodhicitta, Purification, Mandala Offering and Guru Yoga. Concurrently, students learn the chanting practices of Chenrezig, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Medicine Buddha, Mahakala and Tara.

Level III meditation class in Lama's rental cottage.

Level III meditation class in Lama’s rental cottage. We are seeking donation of land on Nantucket in order to build an authentic and permanent temple.


The student-teacher relationship is as old as Buddhism itself. By relying upon a teacher, the student traverses a path used by countless others to attain clarity and awareness. Optional Tibetan language classes are also offered.

For more information or to become a student, please contact Lama directly at