KCL LogoAn authentic temple and Lama house for the public to visit the serenity of calm, to learn traditional meditation and practice in a supportive environment, to further their mind training on Nantucket, a place for serious students to transform their lives… a Nantucket Center for Tibetan Buddhism…

Kagyu Chökor Ling seeks a permanent home on Nantucket to build a temple. We are seeking donation of land on which to place a 3 bedroom house supplied by Housing Nantucket, which can be transformed into a public shrine room.

It is rare for a Dharma center to have a resident Lama. We’d like to take full advantage of Lama Yeshe Palmo’s presence on Nantucket and build a real temple and public space conducive to continued study, meditation and contemplation.

This public temple would provide a refuge for Nantucketers to visit a space of calm, receive traditional teachings, practice and attend Dharma events. A lending library, permanent shrine and Lama quarters would also be included. Please help us establish the Dharma on Nantucket!

With gratitude and thanks to our previous supporters and “homes,” sites of our programs:

The Westmoor – many thanks to all the staff for hosting us for 2 winters!
Nantucket Community School
South Road Gallery Studio – many thanks to Mary Beth Splaine and Jack Weinhold
The Gardner House – many thanks to Joanne Damours
The African Meeting House
Penny Snow

For more information, please contact Lama Yeshe Palmo at 508-524-0823 or write us at